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Related article: Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 07:29:22 -0800 (PST) From: Mickey McCloud Subject: Adult Video Store Encounter 3All legal restrictions apply, if it is illegal or if you are offended in reading sexual content do not continue. As always practice safe sex.Adult Video Store Encounter 3After receiving positive comments regarding my previous submissions I thought I would write one more for everyone to enjoy. This encounter is chronologically the earliest in my experiences. First a bit about me, I am now a close to forty married white man. I am 6' tall and 175lbs, mostly smooth body. This happened about seven years ago and was one of my earliest Video Store visits.I have been married about five years now and my wife is pregnant with our second child. She has not felt comfortable nor interested in any form of sexual interaction with me so I have become both frustrated and horny. With nothing to satisfy my highly sexually driven state I have decided to visit an Adult Video Store. This particular establishment is fairly typical to most. The front of the store is filled with novelties, magazines, and videos. The back requires the purchase of tokens to enter and has a coin changer in the back where you can insert paper money and it will give you the equivalent in metal tokens. There also is a strip club next door that has some of the hottest girls I have seen in years. I usually go there first and then to the store to the arcade.On this particular visit I went to the strip club and watched the girls dance for about an hour. One asked me if I wanted a personal lap dance in the vip room. I accepted and we went back for a song. She danced, caressed, and dry humped me for about five minutes. She then asked if I wanted another round in which I accepted. She was early thirties with small breasts that had just started to settle a bit. She was very attractive and smelled wonderful. She told me that I could touch her which was new to me. I usually do not frequent these places but in the past it was always a no no to touch. I asked her what was off limits and she said nothing! As she danced I placed small kisses on her neck and breast while I let me hands rub her petite ass. I allowed my middle finger to slide across her pucker while staring into her eyes. She continued to dry hump me so I wet my finger and inserted it to the first joint. She just continued until the song ended. She asked if I wanted another but at this point I knew this was going nowhere and I was too horned up to just spend money to dry hump. I left the strip club to go to the arcade where I hoped I would not just be fucking my hand again!I entered the store, purchased the tokens, and went to the arcade in back. It was early evening and I was the only one there. I figured this would be a waste of time and money. Being the horny sole that I am I still put the tokens in and picked out a cool bisexual video. This one had a beautiful brunette on her knees sucking two larger than normal cocks. One black and one white dick was sucked and stroked and I wished I part of that scene. I had settled on a nice stroking motion of my lubed up cock when I heard the floor creek and someone entered the booth next to mine. These two booths had a "buddy" window. You click a button and if the person on the other side does the same the glass clears and you can watch each other.I heard him enter his tokens and click the window. I did the same and saw the guy on the other side. It was not what I expected. It was a old man, maybe even seventy years old with a pale limp dick that he was trying to shake to life. I clicked off the window and thought what the hell is with my luck today! He must have got the point and he soon left. After my tokens expired I moved from my booth to the one that Methuselah was just in. I had once again pulled out my hard cock and was stroking and watching the bi video. By this time the white guy was fucking the brunette while the black Freedom Lolita Bbs guy was fucking the white guys ass. They had a rhythm that I could not have matched. Again I heard the creek of the floor and someone enter the next booth. Again I heard the tokens drop and the click of the window. I figured it was the old dude but would take one more chance. It was a young dude, early twenties with a 7 inch straight hard cock sticking through his boxers! I did not take my eyes off that tool for a full minute. He turned and shook it in my direction just as my tokens expired. I pulled up my jeans and went to his door. Before I could tap on his door he opened it.I entered and immediately went to my knees. He moaned as I licked his hard shaft from base to engorged head. I sucked him into my mouth as I held his balls with my left hand. He started a nice fucking motion in and out of my wet mouth. I had to wrap my right hand around the base of his cock because he started getting too aggressive and was trying to push it down my throat. I feel that I am a pretty good cocksucker but I cannot deep throat at all. I was really enjoying myself when it ended too soon. He stopped Freedom Lolita Bbs and exploded in my mouth. He came so much it started to come out my nose! I swallowed the rest and held him there for a short while. He then must have felt embarrassed because he could not get out of there fast enough. He almost knocked me over trying to rush out.I sat on the bench with my head swimming with excitement. As the tokens expired I went out to the hallway and wondered if this was the end of my fun. I wondered around for about 30 minutes and not one person came in. since it was close to midnight by this time I decided to head home. When I reached my car in the parking lot a guy was standing next to his. He had seen me come out of the video store and looked at me kind of funny. He shocked me when he said "Hey, do you wanna blow me?" I quickly looked around in a panic but there was no one else around. Being dark and away from the security lights I said sure. He walked to my side of the car and just dropped his jeans and underwear in one motion. He had a nice semi hard cock that I dropped and engulfed in one motion. He moaned loudly and went hard. I was sucking on him for a few minutes when another guy came up to my right side. He had his dick out and was jacking. I reached for his and was soon sucking back and forth. I had my eyes closed in a euphoric state so I was surprised that we had a crowd when I opened them. There must have been 6 or 7 others watching. Some were jacking off and some were just rubbing their crotches. This was getting good!The first guy that I was sucking backed away from me and so I concentrated on guy number two. Since I had turned to my right I then felt the first guy start to rub my crotch and ass. He soon was undoing my pants and started pulling them down. He no sooner got them down and guy number two started shooting in my mouth. It was a small thick load. I felt the first guy probing at my ass with his finger and he was not real gentle. I told him to be careful. He said "Shutup fag I'm gonna fuck you hard!" I thought to myself, he calls me fag and yet he wants to fuck me? I grabbed my lube and lubed up and put some on his hard cock. By this time two more guys were in my face trying to shove their hardons in my mouth. The first guy was trying to penetrate me and I could tell he was having a hard time getting his aim. I then leaned all the way down so my face was near the grass. That Freedom Lolita Bbs was all it took and he was in to the base! He started fucking hard and I knew it would be over quick. No more than thirty seconds and he was shooting. A new guy was down low and sticking his six incher at my face. I was in a frenzy so I sucked him hard. Another dude who I never saw penetrated my cummy asspussy and started hammering me. I looked up and there were still 2 other guys watching me getting fucked like an animal from behind and being jammed in my mouth. My fucker just grunted and added his cum to me. But before the guy I was sucking could cum someone yelled "the cops are here!" and it was panic time. Fortunately my pants were still at my ankles so I pulled them up quick and stood up. As I stood I was alone and the cops were walking around some cars about fifty feet away. I quietly got into my car and discreetly started and got the hell out of there! What a night!If you liked this let me know at mickey_mccloud_99yahoo.commick
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